Valerie has been my life coach on and off for over 2 years now. I was connected to her during a dark time in my life, and I know that without her that I would still be there. Although I have not had the privilege of meeting her face to face, she knows me better than many people that I see every day. She was not only there for me, but she understood me and how to help me work through my trauma. Working with Valerie has truly changed my life for the better.

Sophia L.


I hired Valerie for coaching when I was at a point where I felt stuck both professionally and personally. Valerie helped me see things from a different perspective which enabled me to be successful in ways I hadn’t thought of. Her insightful guidance was invaluable and gave me better coping tools that I can use in all areas of my life. I highly recommend Valerie’s coaching, she helped me change my life for the better.

Jen M.


Having taken coaching sessions before by several other people, I was positively surprised by the well-rounded FREE coaching session with Val Gentry. I had worked on myself before, so I told her about the things that are important to me, what I have learned and my goals, and we took it from there. She displayed robust listening skills and I felt reassured that she understood and cared about my life trajectory. She not only directed me toward high quality free content, but also gave me practical advice on how to go on if I felt insecure. Very positive and on the ball, she wasted no time. Getting this free value will make you WANT to hire Valerie.

Anže I.


I am so thankful that I crossed paths with Valerie when I did. It was truly an answer to many prayers. I met her in a very crucial part of my life where I was bound by anxiety, depression, lack of self confidence, and trying to fight my way out of a 14 year addiction.

Going into life coaching with Valerie, I was absolutely terrified. I didn’t want to be vulnerable or face what had become my reality. But from my very first call with her, she made me feel loved, valued, seen, and heard, which made the process so much easier. She provided me a safe space to be able to talk, cry, let out my frustrations, share my deepest burdens, and whatever else was going on in my life that week.

Meeting with Valerie once a week was a breath of fresh air for me. I looked forward to our calls and prepared for each session with so much anticipation, because I knew in each session I would gain an exceptional amount of insight that I would be able to apply to every aspect of my life.

Valerie gave me the tools that I needed to combat negative thought patterns, self destructive behaviors, and she helped guide me as navigated through difficult waters to be able to identify the root of many of the issues that I had been dealing with for so long. She gave me resources and tools to help empower me to be a woman of confidence, strength, and courage! The encouragement, the celebration, and the authentic support she gives through each phone call is truly something to be admired and appreciated.

I am walking into life now with a whole new perspective! I have an abundance of gratitude, so much happiness, tools to help when the hard days come, a willingness and a desire to live my life to its fullest potential, and to pour into the lives of others just as Valerie has mine.

If you are considering life coaching with Valerie Gentry, I highly encourage you to take that next step in meeting with her! Through her skill, her knowledge, her experience, and the love that she has for each of her clients, you will not be disappointed! It has truly been life changing for me. She has been a tremendous blessing in my life for sure!

Client M.