Life Coaching with Valerie
Helping entrepreneurs and every day people live the life they are dreaming of.

What I can help with:
– Business support – I can help identify where the trouble spots are that are holding you back from the business you are dreaming of.
– Goal setting and a plan for goal achievement
– Time management
– Organizing
– Managing everyday life that gets in the way of success
– Boundaries : understanding boundaries, creating boundaries and enforcing them
– Fear of success
– Fear of Failure
– Fear of judgement
– Self Sabotage
– Stress and anxiety
– Perfectionism
– Accountability

When you work with me, we will go deeper into why things haven’t been successful in the past. We can uncover the internal things like, limiting beliefs for example, that could be holding you back.
We will establish systems that will work for you or simply a plan of where to start.

Life Coaching gets you to the root cause of what’s bothering you. We work on peeling back the layers to find the root cause of why you are experiencing your surface symptoms.
We are able to heal your symptoms instead of just placing a temporary band aid on them.
People spend money on things like shopping or food to attempt to alleviate what’s bothering them, to feel better, but it doesn’t go away until they identify the actual pain point and work on healing that pain.
While working with me, we will uncover the root of what’s causing your symptoms. Then we will work to remove those roots and take you to a place of healing and peace.
Letting go of guilt, perfection, irritation, frustration, fear and shame are just some of the things I can help with.
Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Are you ready to live the life you are dreaming of?
Life coaching is life changing.
Let’s schedule a free call so I can share with you how I can help you.

Live Your Best Life…

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